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A Relaxing Day Trip to Catalina Island – Part I

where to eat on Catalina Island

Spending a warm, sunny day on Catalina Island has been a treat for Southern Californians for decades, folks from Los Angeles are the reason William Wrigley Jr. began building Avalon.

So you want to visit Catalina for a relaxing Summer day and enjoy some good food? If that sounds like you we’ll share our favorite destinations and locales Twitter style…though maybe a few more characters than 140.

Let’s start with food, we all gotta eat!

Arriving into Avalon early, and would love a solid island breakfast? Well don’t get your hopes up as there really isn’t such a thing here. Just traditional breakfast food that you can find at a Hofs Hut or Mimi’s Cafe. However you’re in luck, we have favorites.

Pancake Cottage: Spanish omelets, Choco chip pancakes, eggs & bacon its all good. Call ahead on weekends.

Canyon Club: On the pricey end but delicious. Nice location, quiet and mimosas! Bring an appetite and chill. 10 minute walk from town.

You like a thick, tasty breakfast burritos don’t you? Of course, try any of these places for that!

• Mi Casita
• Casino Dock Cafe
• Eric’s on the Pier – My favorite

Moving on, at some point you’ll want lunch, fine go right ahead, check these places out.

Mr Nings: Bomb ass Chinese food! Their Kung Pao is one the best we’ve ever had hands down, lil bro likes the pork fried rice. Good stuff here.

Coney Island: burgers, fries, shakes it’s all good. Wife really likes the sourdough charbroiled chicken sandwich, I’m a burger and chili fries guy, or clam and chips are good too.

Ever had a Cheese Crisp? If you’re not lactose intolerant, one of those, then this will make an excellent late afternoon snack. You receive 5 succulent cheeses, melted on a hand made pizza dough with peppercinis and peppers, that’s it! Grab this island delicacy at Antonios…service SUCKS however, give and take I suppose.

Time for dinner, lots of choice, playing no favorites, here is what we like.

Steve’s Steakhouse: Well prepared meals, lots of surf and turf, strong cocktails and impeccable service. It’s right on the main street, nice view, and prices are reasonable.

Armstrongs: These folks, family owned, always have fresh fish and it’s good. Ocean front, so so service and prices as you’d expect for all these lovely attributes. Also a wonderful lunch spot.

El Galleon: Directly on front street, good food and drink and the best karaoke in town. This place gets lively, a lot of fun, sit inside for a better time. Once saw Lisa Marie Presley and Nic Cage do their thing here.

Want dessert? Oh yeah you do, each place has a selection of their own but grabbing ice cream on the street is a time honored tradition the world over. Try Big Olafs, one of our writers once worked here over a decade ago and says things haven’t changed a bit.

Stay tuned for Part II where we share our favorite places on Catalina Island to relax and let life’s worries escape you, so cliche but our tips wont be.

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